Friday, 31 January 2020

Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) and the Middle East (Bahrain) Region can now access Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager

As per Amazon’s latest addition of Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager i.e. Amazon DLM, the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) and the Middle East (Bahrain) regions can now use the Amazon DLM for EBS snapshots. It follows a simple and fully-automated approach for data backup and offers added features that allow users to create and manage their EBS backups without using custom scripts. As we mentioned earlier that it follows a simple approach for data back up, it offers an even simpler way of usage. Users can start creating lifecycle policies using the Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager (Amazon DLM) just by tagging their EBS volumes. It facilitates users with policy creation in the AWS Management Console by using either the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) or the Data Lifecycle Manager APIs. This expansion of Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager covers 18 AWS regions and has features like automating the creation, retention, and deletion of snapshots. It helps in protecting valuable data as it maintains a regular backup schedule, retaining backups as needed by auditors or internal compliance, and in cutting down storage costs by deleting outdated backups.

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