Saturday 1 February 2020

Aggregation of health events across AWS Organizations enabled by AWS Health

Amazon Web Services introduced yet another useful feature for the healthcare sector. Businesses can now have a central management system for their AWS Health events form all their accounts within the company. It will help in dealing with operational issues, creating a proper schedule for maintenance, and keeping track of account notifications by offering centralised and real-time access to all of your AWS Health events. There is no complex functionality of the installation process for the Organisational View, anyone can start using it with the AWS Health API. Crossing the barriers of conventional services and features offered by them, the Organisational View offers several new benefits and will open gates to new possibilities. For instance, it brings awareness about issues that impact resources within an organisation by providing a centrally managed operations team keeping an eye on the complete process and can respond to events that affect your accounts. It also improves the troubleshooting capabilities of a system and provides information beforehand about future changes. Just like any other AWS Health API, the Organisational View is also available worldwide in all AWS Regions at no additional cost for users with a Business or Enterprise Support plan.

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