Tuesday 21 August 2018

With AWS you can simplify your usage with IoT devices easily


Technology is evolving rapidly at a faster rate and the Internet of Things is now becoming the latest technology trend. Internet of Things is a widespread phenomenon that is encompassed by an ecosystem of connected devices that are accessible through the internet. 

It was pointed out by someone that the main IP address scope that is used by the DHCP server was run out of addresses. After some speculation and problem-solving the issue, it came to attention that the problem was caused by the IoT devices on the network. The devices itself that were connected to the Internet of Things were depleting the available IP addresses on the network. 

When it comes to usage of the Internet of Things the traditional monitoring and management approach doesn’t work well for the operation of IoT devices. Now some IT pros must be using SNMP based tool to monitor the network infrastructure hardware or use WinRM based tool to keep tabs on Windows Servers on the network. But anyhow these techniques don’t work well with the IoT devices.

Now Amazon Web Services has found a way to keep tabs on the IoT devices with the launch of AWS IoT Device Management service. You can now organize, monitor and manage the IoT devices with AWS IoT Device Management. With AWS IoT device management service you can check the device health, group IoT devices into categories and run bulk operations.  

How AWS IoT Device Management can help you Manage, Organize and Monitor IoT Devices?

Quick Onboarding of Devices:

You can add IoT device attributes such as certificates, manufacturing year, type and device name securely. With AWS IoT device management you can add access policies to the IoT Registry in bulk and assign them to the devices and quickly apply large fleets of the connected devices to the service. 

Simple organization of the IoT devices:

AWS IoT device management lets you allot IoT devices into groups and categories and manage the access policies for these IoT devices groups. This way you can easily manage and monitor the devices by letting you easily deploy firmware update for all devices and determining how the devices communicate with each other. 

Discover IoT devices quickly:

You can easily find any IoT devices among the entire device fleet in real time with AWS IoT device management. If you want to take any immediate action or troubleshoot any problem then you can quickly search the device based on its attributes. 

Manage devices remotely:

If you want to update any software or perform reboots, security patches and factory resets you can do so with AWS IoT device management service. You can maintain the health of your devices with an update to date software and consistent performance.

About Cloud.in:

Cloud.in is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that delivers AWS managed services that cater every business need and aims in simplifying the AWS Cloud Journey. Our Team is the driving force behind Cloud.in with the experience, knowledge, and the skills that they behold in making cloud computing and AWS Cloud a pleasant experience. 

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