Thursday 8 March 2018

Learn how to connect IoT Devices with Zerynth and Designing Embedded Applications


Many Manufacturing and Industrial corporations face challenges when adopting an Internet of Things strategy is the difficulty of developing and designing for embedded devices. A corporation that has little knowledge of firmware development for embedded devices find it even more challenging who have adopted IoT for new product releases.

The Developer needs set of tools on the machine that ranges from embedded toolchains to integrated Development Environments and specialty tools to integrate with the target embedded hardware device when working with the embedded devices. With the embedded development this has been a long-standing issue.

Zerynth is an Amazon Web Services Technology Partner that offers a multiple software development suite that allows 32-bit microcontrollers to run on Python programming and enables easy connectivity to Amazon Web Service IoT services. Zerynth now supports more than 30 different hardware boards which make it a complete ecosystem for IoT development. Zerynth eradicates the difficulties encountered with embedded development which will make it quick and convenient to launch an IoT product to the market by offering a complete integrated development environment with the support for Python programming.


The main Essential features of the Zerynth Stack are as follows:

Zerynth Virtual Machine:

Multi-threaded real-time Operating System developed for embedded a device that offers hard true independence and code reuse on a large number of 32-bit boards and microcontrollers. The Virtual Machine supports the high level of python features like classes, call-backs, exception, modules, multi-threading, and timers with a footprint of just 60-80kb of Flash and 3-5kb of RAM.

Zerynth Studio:

Powerful toolchain and IDE for developing embedded software in the Python. It also supports the hybrid C/Python development is both cross-platform and free.

Many Board and microcontroller manufacture already prefer Zerynth as the third party development tool that includes Microchip Technologies, Hexiwear by NXP and Mikroelktronika, Expressif, Flip and Click, and Red Bear BLE Nano 2 and Blend2. You can check out how the Zerynth Stack can make your team more integrated and productive. Click here to watch the video tutorial that will show you how to connect an ESP32 DevKitC to Amazon Web Services IoT by utilizing the Zerynth Stack. 

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