Saturday 14 April 2018

Amazon Internet of Things Transforming Industries and Companies


Companies and industries recognize Internet of Things as an opportunity for transforming the operations of the business. But as the IoT has become a huge advantage for many businesses for increasing their performance, there are also companies who are still struggling with the implementation of IoT. So basically it’s easy to get something working a magically little bit but it is difficult to get something completed. 

When companies are implementing IoT, at the same time they also need to be on a Good cloud. Even though if you are using the Internet of Things you will need a place to throw all the things so having a legit cloud platform is essential in this case. 

IoT... Still in the Progress.....:- Even though IoT has got a lot of recognition over the years it still needs some modifications and improvisations to be done. There are a lot of standards to be kept with and there are various ways to get any task done but not all are successful. If there wouldn’t have been any IoT standards then there would have been more chaos. Well AWS has stepped into this chaos with the aim to simplify this solution. Internet of things collects data from different sources and merges them at one place so it can be used further for other solutions so for this you will need a place where all these can be stored securely and data can be aggregated from different places. Now for this job, you will need a rich cloud platform that can do this complex task easily which is what AWS is doing.

Amazon Web Services IoT:- 

As we have learned the complexity of Internet of Things, AWS has stepped into this movement to make things easier. With the complexity of Internet of Things workloads and necessity of security at scale, IoT accumulates all the date from different places. Now this task to be successful you will need to have a rich platform so AWS offers such platform. AWS IoT aggregates a large amount of data and then process it at a scale which then carries out the task accordingly. 

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels at the AWS Summit in San Francisco said that what makes AWS different from others is that what data they have and the quality of data that they contain. AWS is leading the market in IoT because of the expertise that they have in data and giving the developer the opportunity by providing the right tools for the right job. So AWS focus on providing purpose-built in engines that will fulfill their roles successfully. As IoT requires different database engines, AWS offers different options and tools by delivering a number of varieties of services.  

Amazon Web Services offers the IoT platform Greengrass so that to encourage machine learning and general data intelligence closer to the edge devices. Greengrass utilizes AWS Cloud platform closer to edge devices so that they can act locally on the data and at the same time use the Cloud for analytics, durable storage, and management. 

IoT workload heavy lifting:-

AWS is making sure to keep the bar coming down to IoT success. Earlier IoT required and still need super skills to gain benefits from the Internet of Things but most of the companies are still on the climb. AWS makes it simpler for the customers by doing most of the heavy lifting but it doesn’t the complete job; anyway it makes sure to make things easier. Amway, ENEL, Royal International, iRobot, Under Armour and more are such customers who found success with AWS in the Internet of Things. They are still in progress of transforming IoT for those who it will be great for operations but will need help with the infrastructure for the Internet of Things. 

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