Thursday 12 April 2018

NAB will offer AWS Cloud guild to upgrade more than 2000 staff with Cloud computing skill

AWS Training

NAB Cloud guild is a program that is launched by NAB to up-skill more than 2000 staff in Cloud computing. This initiative will focus on people who want to learn new things and want to adopt a new understanding of technology concepts. 

These courses will be offered by the Amazon Web Service and it will be well funded by the NAB. The scheme will be lasting for 3 or 5 days and with 3 to 6 months of follow-up hands-on experience. So basically the courses will be focusing on big data, security, operations, architectures, and developers. 

Patrick Wright, NAB Chief Technology, and operations officer said that Cloud computing is becoming a prevalent technology platform so they need their staff to acquire relevant skills so that can deliver better service to their customers. Customer’s demands are increasing day by day for seamless, digital experience and thus they need to be ready to fulfill such demands. He also added that the technology talent is going to be a topmost priority in coming years so they itself want to take action now. They want to generate opportunities for their people so that they update on their skills and can grow their career in technology and they are also open for top talents to join their company. 

Graduates of the Guild will get the opportunity to become Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioners and can also continue training to become an associate system operator, associate architect or associate developer. Wright said that anybody can pick up the cloud skills in just some hours if he/she has the right mindset and passion for technology and most importantly desire to learn which will then open new opportunities in their career. NAB had announced earlier to hire 600 employees in software engineering, architecture, data and security and drop 6000 positions over three years. Andrew Thorburn, CEO of NAB also revealed that NAB will also create 2000 new positions for technology-focused position in areas that includes, automation, digital, data science, AL, and robotics. 

NAB is planning to invest $1.5 billion more in technology for the period of 3 years by increasing their investment in technology to $4.5 billion which includes digital capabilities, automation, cybersecurity and NAB’s application ecosystem. NAB strategy Cloud Guild aims at decreasing its dependency in outsourcing so to uplift internal IT skills base. Wright explained that they have a lot of smart, passionate and dedicated people in the bank so they want to upgrade them build great tech by looking ways to develop and diversify skills.

Paul Migliorini, Managing Director at Amazon Web Services – Australia and New Zealand said that the demand for skills in Cloud technologies has boosted over the years. AWS is delighted that through this program NAB is taking the initiative to boost technical skills development among their staff.

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