Wednesday 4 December 2019

AWS launched new feature EC2 Image Builder

AWS launched new feature called EC2 Image Builder. EC2 Image Builder clarifies the creation, maintenance, validation, sharing, and deployment of Linux or Windows Server images for utilisation with Amazon EC2 and on-premises. Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduces the accessibility of EC2 Image Builder, a service which makes it simple and swift to design and maintain secure images. Image Builder crucially minimises the effort of retaining images up-to-date and safe by offering an easy graphical interface, built-in automation, and AWS-provided security settings. With Image Builder, there are no manual steps for updating an image nor do you have to build your own automation pipeline. Now, users can either manually update and snapshot VMs or have teams that create automation scripts to keep images. Image Builder is available at no cost, except the cost of the AWS resources used to create, store, and share the images. This EC2 Image Builder feature is obtainable in each AWS regions. To read further about this, refer the EC2 Image Builder

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