Thursday 5 December 2019

Inter-Region Peering offered by AWS Transit Gateway

AWS Transit Gateway is a network transit hub which allows users to link their Amazon VPC and their on-premises networks to one gateway. While you increase the number of workloads executing on AWS, you require to be able to scale your networks over several accounts and Amazon VPCs to move in progress. AWS Transit Gateway operates as a core which manages how traffic is directed between every linked networks which act like spokes. This hub and spoke model crucially clarifies management and minimises operational costs because every network only has to link to the Transit Gateway and not to all other network. Now AWS Transit Gateway assists the potential to initiate peering connections between Transit Gateways in different AWS Regions. Users just need to build and control one connection from a central regional gateway to all Amazon VPC, on premises data centre, or remote office across their networks with AWS Transit Gateway. The potential to peer Transit Gateways among multiple AWS Regions allows users to expand this connectivity and create global networks bridging several AWS Regions. AWS Transit Gateway inter-region peering permits users to direct traffic over AWS Regions using the AWS global network. Inter-region peering offers an easy and cost-effective way to share resources between AWS Regions or copy data for geographic redundancy. Inter-region Transit Gateway peering encrypts inter-region traffic with no single point of failure. This Inter-region Transit Gateway peering feature is accessible in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), and EU (Frankfurt) AWS Regions. To know the AWS Transit Gateway pricing details, refer pricing. And to read more about AWS Transit Gateway, go through the documentation and product page

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