Thursday 12 December 2019

Amazon FSx includes enhancements to the AWS Management Console

Amazon FSx offers completely organised third-party file systems. Amazon FSx gives you with the native compatibility of third-party file systems with feature assigns for workloads like Windows-based storage, high-performance computing (HPC), machine learning, and electronic design automation (EDA). Amazon FSx offers you with two file systems to select from: Amazon FSx for Windows File Server for Windows-based applications and Amazon FSx for Lustre for compute-intensive workloads. You don’t have to concern about controlling file servers and storage, as Amazon FSx automates the lengthy administration activities like hardware provisioning, software configuration, patching, and backups. Amazon FSx integrates the file systems with cloud-native AWS services, creating them extra functional for a wider range of workloads. Now Amazon Fsx has included various improvements to the AWS Management Console, covering the potential to outlook Amazon FSx CloudWatch metrics and the power to add and update tags straight from within the Amazon FSx Console. Amazon CloudWatch can utilise to observe the action of your Amazon FSx file systems. Now Amazon FSx Console shows a CloudWatch dashboard and also an alarms for Amazon FSx, and contains a link to the CloudWatch Console for further choices. You can utilise tags to classify and arrange your file systems and backups. Earlier accessible through the API, now updating tags is allowed in the Amazon FSx Console, giving further choices for handling your file system's tags. Now Amazon FSx Console enhancements are obtainable in each regions where Amazon FSx is accessible. Read Amazon Fsx to know more.

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