Wednesday 11 December 2019

UltraWarm (in preview) introduced by AWS for Amazon Elasticsearch Service

New feature UltraWarm is launched by Amazon Elasticsearch Service. UltraWarm storage gives a cost-effective to keep huge amounts data for read-only access using Amazon Elasticsearch Service and Kibana while lessening your price per GB by up to 90% across current Amazon Elasticsearch Service hot storage alternatives. Standard data nodes use "hot" storage, that requires the type of instance stores or Amazon EBS volumes linked to every node. Hot storage offers the quick feasible performance for indexing and exploring new data. Now Amazon Elasticsearch Service assists hot-warm domain configurations using UltraWarm. UltraWarm offers hot storage with low-cost, extra durable storage for older data which you access very often, everything during maintaining the alike interactive analysis experience. Real-time exploration of machine-generated data is important in finding and solving operational and security challenges for modern applications. UltraWarm escalates the advantages of conventional hot-warm configurations. The preview of UltraWarm is accessible on Elasticsearch version 6.8 in 3 AWS regions: US East (N. Virginia, Ohio), US West (Oregon, N). You can use the AWS Console, CLI, or APIs to configure an Amazon Elasticsearch Service domain with UltraWarm. To read further, refer documentation.

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