Monday 16 December 2019

Now AWS CodeCommit obtainable in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) AWS Region

AWS CodeCommit is an entirely organised source control service which hosts Git-based repositories. AWS CodeCommit use to safely keep any form of data from source code to binaries, and it operates smoothly with your current Git tools. Only you have to build a repository to keep your code. And no hardware required to provision and scale or software to install, configure, and operate. CodeCommit makes it simple for developers to work jointly on code with pull requests, branching, and merging in a safe and extremely scalable ecosystem. You can apply workflows which contain code reviews and feedback by default, and control who can modify to particular branches. AWS CodeCommit excludes the requirement to run your own source control system or concern about scaling its infrastructure. AWS IAM used by CodeCommit to handle and observe who can use your data and also how, when, and where they can use it. Additionally, AWS CodeCommit supports you examine your repositories through AWS CloudTrail and AWS CloudWatch. To get the pricing details for AWS CodeCommit, see Pricing. And to get started with AWS CodeCommit, refer documentation or visit the AWS Management Console directly. To get the complete list of AWS Region where AWS CodeCommit is available, refer Region Table.

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