Tuesday 20 November 2018

Multi-Account and Multi-Region Inventory View supported by AWS Systems Manager

AWS Systems Manager is a cluster of potentials for configuring and handling your Amazon EC2 instances, on-premises servers and virtual machines, and other AWS resources at scale. Systems Manager contains a united interface which grants you to simply centralize operational data and automate functions over your AWS resources. Systems Manager reduces the time to scan and solve operational issues in your infrastructure. Systems Manager provides you a full vision of your infrastructure behavior and configuration, clarifies resource and application management, and makes it simple to execute and handle your infrastructure at scale. You can set resources, like Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon S3 buckets, or Amazon RDS instances, via application, view operational data for monitoring and troubleshooting, and perform an action on your sets of resources.

AWS Systems Manager Inventory unified with Amazon Athena to aid you query inventory data from several AWS Regions and accounts. Athena integration uses Resource Data Sync so that you can view inventory data from all of your managed instances on the Inventory Detail View page in the AWS Systems Manager console. AWS Regions can access System Manager feature where Amazon Athena is available.

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