Tuesday 20 November 2018

Amazon ElastiCache now supports Memcached 1.5

Amazon ElastiCache is a web service which creates it simple to set up, handle, and scale a distributed in-memory data store or cache domain in the cloud. It gives a high-performance, scalable, and cost-effective caching answer, while separating the difficulty related with deploying and organizing a distributed cache domain. Amazon ElastiCache for Memcached is a Memcached-compatible in-memory key-value store service which can be used as a cache or a data store. It gives the performance, ease-of-use, and simplicity of Memcached. ElastiCache for Memcached is quite organized, scalable, and safe - making it an ideal candidate for use cases where regularly accessed data should be in-memory. Memcached is a famous option for use cases like Web, Mobile Apps, Gaming, Ad-Tech, and E-Commerce.

Open Source Memcached 1.5 is now supported by the Amazon ElastiCache which provides important enhancements covering better connection management, better item size management above 1MB and memory above upgrade by decreasing per-item memory needs. Besides, this Memcached 1.5 gives new Memcached attributes like slab re-balancing, rapid hash table look-ups, segmented LRU algorithm, LRU crawler for background memory reclamation, and ASCII protocol aids get and touch commands. Memcached 1.5 support is obtainable in all AWS regions. You can find it on AWS Management Console.

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