Tuesday 30 October 2018

Now Amazon Translate available in 113 Language Pairs

Amazon Translate is a latest developed Machine Learning technology which offers a service that gives a quick, high quality, effective and most ultimately exact results for language translation. Amazon Translate is a neural language translation engine for customize and localize changed in customer appraisal which boosts greater customer experience.

Amazon Translate allows you to translate the original language (Source Language) into the language which the text is being translated (Target Language). It is not mandatory to use English as the source or the target language because Amazon Translate allows you to localize content - such as websites and applications - for international users, and smoothly translate large volumes of text effectively.

Previously 24 language combinations were supported by Amazon Translate but Today, Amazon Translate is launching new 113 language pairs. With this upgrade, Amazon Translate extending the number of supported language pairs from 24 to 137. Customers can now translate from Source Language to Target Language with the help of currently supported languages, for example with single API call you can translate French to Spanish. All supported language pairs are based on state-of-the-art neural machine translation algorithms. See the full list of supported language pairs on this documentation page.

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