Tuesday 30 October 2018

Bitbucket Pull Requests are compatible with AWS CodeBuild

AWS CodeBuild is a cloud service totally managed to compile your source code, runs unit tests, and creates artifacts which are ready to utilize. AWS CodeBuild removes the require to provision, manage, and scale to create your own servers which gives you prepackaged build domains for the most favoured programming languages and build tools such as Apache Maven, Gradle, and more. AWS CodeBuild helps you to modify build domains that can utilize your own tools. AWS CodeBuild scales eventually to encounter top build requests.

AWS CodeBuild gives you access to create Atlassian Bitbucket pull requests that makes simple to edit and build your application code with CodeBuild. Formerly, you had to kick off builds manually but now you can configure AWS CodeBuild to receive a webhook from Bitbucket which eventually activates a build when you hit a code alter.

To retain more regarding Bitbucket pull requests, please visit documentation.

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