Tuesday 23 October 2018

Amazon CloudWatch – Data and Actionable insights for AWS

Amazon CloudWatch can be used for management and monitoring service that provides data and actionable insights for AWS, hybrid and on premises applications. CloudWatch gives you actionable insights that help you manage resource utilization, optimize application performance, and understand system-wide operational health.

CloudWatch can be used to set visualize logs, high resolution alarms, and metrics side by side, take automated actions, troubleshoot issues, and find insights to optimize your applications, and make certain that they are running evenly. This permits you to overcome the challenge of monitoring individual systems and applications in silos (server, network, database, etc.).

CloudWatch enables you to monitor your complete stack (applications, infrastructure, and services) and leverage alarms, logs, and events data to take automated actions and reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). This frees up prime resources and permits you to focus on building applications and business value.

Benefits of Amazon CloudWatch
 1. Access all your data from a single platform 
 2. Richest and deepest insights for AWS resources 
 3. Visibility across your applications, infrastructure, and services  
 4. Reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and Improve Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 
 5. Drive Insights to optimize applications and operational resources 
 6. Pay as you go 

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