Tuesday 4 September 2018

An Easy way to migrate the On-Premise model to AWS Cloud

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Most of the Enterprises and start-ups are planning to move to the Cloud platform for attaining cloud benefits such as efficiency, security, scalability and reliability. But migrating from On-Premise model to the AWS Cloud platform can be a little tricky when it comes to migrating a large amount of data and workload to the Cloud enterprise. 

The AWS Cloud Services are known to make the day to day activities simpler, faster and cost-effective. Many Enterprises have already started to move their on-premise system to the AWS Cloud so that they can save on cost and yet attain maximum efficiency. Most people have found out that there are a lot of advantages for on-demand flexibility with the capabilities to stop and start new instances in seconds without weeks or days of data center processes and long procurement. They have also learned how convenient it is for the business with its cost-effective means. With this, the speed of development, innovation, training, testing have significantly increased. 

Earlier, customers use to face challenges when migrating heavy workload data to the AWS Cloud. But then AWS came up with a solution by launching AWS Application Discovery Service that especially targets the Enterprise market when it comes to migration of heavy load data. 

AWS Application Discovery Service:

AWS Application Discovery Service collects server specific information from the on-premise data centers such as the performance data, network connections, running processes and much more. 

When enterprises are planning on shifting their data to the cloud they have to consider many aspects because it involves thousand of workloads that are interdependent. At the initial stage of the migration process, the first step is to assure the Server utilization data and data dependency mapping. This is done so that the migration process can be systematically performed so that there is no downtime or any loss of data. 

With AWS Application Discovery Service the customers don’t have to spend time learning the whole structure of the data. AWS Application Discovery Service collects all the information about the on-premise data center and provides you with detailed information about the usage, configuration, network dependencies, firewall rules, bandwidth requirements, application dependencies and baseline performance of the CPU & Memory of the server before starting with the migration process

The data that is collected by the AWS Application Discovery Service is encrypted and stored. With the data, you can estimate the Total Cost of Ownership of running on-premise model on the AWS Cloud. This way you can get a detailed cost in advance so that you can accordingly plan further for the migration process.

How AWS Application Discovery Service leverage your AWS Migration Process?

A useful tool for migration purpose:

AWS Application Discovery Service gathers all the information from the on-premise model that will help in estimating in advance the detailed cost of migrating workloads to the AWS Cloud or to the group servers. 

Data Encryption:

The data that are collected by the AWS Discovery Service is encrypted for data safety. Data that are in transit or at rest within the Application Discovery Service data store are encrypted to ensure optimum protection of the data.

Track with Migration Hub:

AWS Migration Hub is integrated with the AWS Application Discover Service that enables the customer to easily keep track of the migration process. Migration Hub can be used to track the status of the migration process after discovering and grouping the server as applications. 

AWS Professionals and APN Consulting Partners:

You can take help from the AWS Professionals or the APN Migration Partners to migrate heavy workloads to the AWS Cloud easily. You can take help from Cloud.in an AWS Advanced Consulting partner that takes care of your workloads and provide you with an step by step easy migration plan to easily move data from on-premise to the aws cloud.

About Cloud.in:

Cloud.in is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that delivers AWS managed services that cater every business need and aims in simplifying the AWS Cloud Journey. Our Team is the driving force behind Cloud.in with the experience, knowledge, and the skills that they behold in making cloud computing and AWS Cloud a pleasant experience. 

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