Friday 24 August 2018

ClearSky launched a new service that enables VMware Data Cloud on AWS Customers to back up and archive data

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ClearSky Data a Boston based startup company launched a new service that enables the VMware Cloud on AWS Customers to store and protect data in Amazon S3. The customers can now store the existing backup applications and use the Amazon S3 as the back-end storage repository. 

Laz Vekiarides, CTO,  and Co-founder of ClearSky Data said that this newly launched service can change the block and file-based data from the certified backup application to the object format. This will allow the users to enable the data protection and data archiving in Amazon Simple Storage Service.

VMware Cloud on AWS operates VMware software data center stack on the AWS Cloud which allows the users to use a variety of VMware tools with the power of the AWS Cloud. VMware Cloud on AWS can be used for end number of use cases such as migrating on-premise workloads on AWS Cloud, building environment for testing and deployment, disaster recovery tools and consolidation and migration of the data centers.

This new service will allow the customers to use the VMware tools and at the same time can store data in the inexpensive data storage Amazon S3. Customers don’t want to leave their backup vendor and also they don’t want to change the common back up application but at the same time, they are also on a lookout for lowest cost storage for long-term backups. So with the introduction of VMware Cloud on AWS, it will allow the users to use their existing vendor tools and store their data on AWS Cloud. 

Customers can extend their on-premises server virtualization environments to the AWS Cloud with the new VMware Cloud on AWS on-demand service. The VMware Cloud integrates with vSpher server virtualization, NSX software-defined networking and security, vSAN software-defined storage and vCenter management software. When the customer creates Virtual Private Cloud on vSpher VMs in Amazon EC2 a cloud infrastructure, the VMware’s vSAN creates a local storage on SSDs in the Host server cluster. But if any server in the Amazon EC2 cloud gets shut down then all the data in EC2 will be erased so to recover from such disaster you will need a place to back up all the data when you will be not using the VMware cluster. 

How does ClearSky troubleshoot the storage data problem?

ClearSky data use different data storage services for different type of scenarios such as Amazon S3 for long-term retention, data protection, and data archiving. Customers can run their VMware virtual servers and third party back up applications and store the data in Amazon S3 by duplicating and compressing the data and converting to object format. The duplication and compression of the data are done to remove the stress on the primary data storage by reducing the data size. The data reduction for primary data storage can help in accessing the data quickly and store data easily. This way the customers can run VMware Cloud to use a wide variety of tools and ClearSky store the data to S3 to help the users to save on cost. 

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