Friday 18 May 2018

How can Amazon Simple Storage Service leverage your Business?

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Amazon Web Services S3 is a Web Service that provides data storage which can be utilized to retrieve and store data for multiple use cases. Amazon Simple Storage Service can store any quantity of data from anywhere such as mobile apps and website, data from IoT sensors or devices and corporate applications. Amazon S3 has a great durability that stores data for millions of applications that are utilized by market leaders in different kinds of industry. Simple Storage Service offers extensive security and compliance abilities that meet strict regulatory requirements.

The customer’s gains flexibility to manage data with access control, compliance and cost optimization with Amazon S3. AWS allows the users to run analytics on the data at Amazon S3. Amazon manages the data with an object storage architecture that aims to offer high availability, low latency, and scalability at commodity costs. It stores arbitrary objects up to 5 terabytes in size which is then associated with 2 kilobytes of metadata. The objects are arranged into buckets with a unique user-assigned key. Objects and buckets can be listed, retrieved and can be created using SOAP interface or REST style HTTP interface. With BitTorrent Protocol and HTTP GET interface objects can be downloaded. 

Six reason why Amazon S3 is the best storage Service you can adapt for your Cloud Storage:-

Scalability, Availability, and Durability:

Amazon Simple Storage Service operates on the world’s largest global cloud infrastructure and it is built from the ground up to provide customer 99.00 percent of durability. Data is distributed automatically on a minimum of three physical facilities that are separated geographically within an Amazon Web Services Region and Amazon S3 also replicates the data automatically on any other AWS Region.

Query in Place:

Amazon S3 enables users to operate big data analytics on the data without migrating the data into a separate analytics system. Amazon Athena provides access to a large number of unstructured data to anyone who knows SQL on-demand query. Amazon RedShift Spectrum allows you to run queries covering both S3 data and warehouse data. AWS is the only offers Amazon Simple Storage Service which retrieves only the subset of the data that you require from the S3 object which will enhance the performance of most of the applications that repeatedly access the data from the Amazon S3 by up to 400 percent.

Comprehensive Compliance and Security Capabilities:

Amazon S3 is the only cloud storage platform that has added support for three different forms of encryption. Simple Storage Service provides practical integration with AWS CloudTrial to monitor, retain and log storage API call activities for auditing. Amazon S3 is the only cloud storage service which is integrated with Amazon Macie which uses the machine learning to classify, protect and discover automatically sensitive data in Amazon Web Services.  Simple Storage Service supports the compliance and security standards certifications including EU Data Protection Directive, FISMA, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP and HIPAA/HITECH that will help fulfill compliance requirements for virtually every regulatory agency all around the world.

Easy migration:

In Amazon S3 you can choose from the vast range of option to migrate the data into or out of S3. It is reliable and simple API that makes it convenient to migrate data over the internet. Amazon S3 transfers Acceleration is optimal for data uploads on large geographical distance. AWS Direct connect offers steady high bandwidth and low latency data transfer for transferring large amounts of data to Amazon Web Services utilizing a dedicated network connection. AWS Snowball and AWS Snowball Edge appliance can be used for petabyte data transfer or AWS Snowmobile for large datasets. Amazon Web Service Storage Gateway offers a virtual or physical data transfer appliance to use it on-premises so that to conveniently move file or volumes in the AWS Cloud.

Flexibility in Management:

Amazon S3 provides the most flexible storage managed and administration capabilities where the storage administrators can report visualize and classify data usage trends to improve service levels and reduce costs. In Amazon S3 the objects can be tagged with customizable and unique metadata so that the customers can control and view storage consumption, security and cost separately for each workload. S3 inventory delivers analytics operations, metadata for maintenance or compliance and scheduled reports about the objects. S3 can analyze object access pattern to create lifecycle policies that automate retention, deletion and tiering. The customer can log activities, invoke workflows and define alerts all without any requirement of managing any additional infrastructure.

Largest Ecosystem with the supported platform:

Amazon S3 is integrated with most of the Amazon Web Services where Amazon S3 ecosystem consists of tens of thousands of independent software vendor partners, consulting, and systems integrators. AWS Marketplace provisions 35 categories and more than 3500 software listings from over 1100 ISVs that are already configured to be deployed on the AWS Cloud. AWS Partner Network partners have adapted their software and services to work with Amazon S3 for solutions like disaster recovery, Backup and Recovery and Archiving. Unlike AWS no other cloud provider has more partners with solutions that are configured already to work with the service. 

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