Thursday, 30 August 2018

Amazon Polly now adds support for the Hindi Language

amazon polly

Amazon Web Service has announced that they have added support for Hindi and Indian English Language to its Text-to-Speech Amazon Polly service in addition to the English language which will be the first bilingual voice. Amazon Polly brings life to the text by adding Lifelike speech via machine learning service. You can create application or products that can talk or is speech-enabled. It uses advanced deep learning technologies to produce speech that sounds like a human. 

Amazon Polly offers dozens of lifelike voices in different languages and you can choose your desired voice or language to build speech-enabled application or products across the world. 

Amazon has taken this step because of the mass number of Hindi speaking people residing worldwide. With this support, Amazon Polly Hindi Language Support can reach 500 million Hindi speaking people globally. 

Amazon Polly uses Advanced deep learning technologies that can deliver human-like voice to the customers with a variety of language and voice to choose from. Customers can enable their application to talk with a natural sounding female and male voice. Adding speech-enabled features to their applications and products will provide the users a better way to connect with the customers. Adding voice to the text will make the user interface with the application and product more advanced.

Navdeep Manaktala, Head of Business Development at Amazon Internet Services Private Limited said that there is a huge demand for the content to be available in Indian English and Hindi language globally. Customers want their training videos, corporate narrations, E-learning, voice bots and more to be available in the Hindi language as well. With Amazon Polly, the users can easily switch between the voices and languages. He added that the customer requested for a high-quality speech in Hindi and India English language especially when the two languages are mixed and spoken together. Customers can also use local dialects including the Romanized Hindi, Devanagiri Hindi and supports the text input in Devanagari Script with Amazon Polly.

Aditi and Raveen are the two Indian English voices that are available in Amazon Polly with several other languages and voices supported that enables text-to-speech.

You can use Amazon Polly to add voice in the content especially in the use cases of blogs, white papers, articles and etc. Customers can also use it for E-learning medium by pronouncing certain words or paragraphs so that the learners can grasp information much better. Amazon Polly is extremely helpful for the contact centers when it comes to engagement and interaction with the customers. 

Ashish Gupta, CTO at said that the recent support of Hindi Language is a game changer for them. They are using Amazon Polly for Interactive Voice response and automated outbound updates to the customers. He added that they are planning to release a Hindi voice bot soon so to enhance their customer service by providing 24x7 services. Policy is one of the India’s largest insurance company that use Amazon Polly’s bilingual support for delivering effective communication with the customer and innovating it more further for more releases. 

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