Friday 31 August 2018

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes now adds support for Horizontal Pod Autoscaling

You can now easily scale the kubernetes workloads that are managed by the Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes in response to the customer metrics with the latest support. Amazon EKS adds support for Horizontal Pod AutoScaler and Kubernetes Metrics Server. Earlier the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler was not supported by the EKS such as Kubernetes Metrics Server. This was because the Kubernetes Metrics Server would not start if the core Kubernetes API server was not utilizing the Client Certificate Authentication. EKS only uses the webhook authentication to offer integration with the AWS Identity and Access Management. But EKS supports AWS IAM and webhook authentication. So, in fact, this made it possible to use the Kubernetes Metrics Server and the Horizontal Pod Autoscaling. The customer can now scale the Kubernetes services easily based on the metrics that they define.  

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