Friday 10 August 2018

Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator now adds support for Encryption at Rest that will help you protect data and accelerate reads in security sensitive applications

Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator is an in-memory cache for Dynamo Database which is highly available and fully managed by AWS Services. It delivers 10 x performances where it can handle millions of request per second. Now with the latest support Encryption at Rest you can now encrypt the storage for the DAX clusters and accelerate reads from the Amazon Dynamo Database tables in a security sensitive application that are liable for standard compliance and regulatory requirements. When the DAX clusters storage is been encrypted you can secure the data on the DAX nodes such as the log files and configurations. The data is been encrypted using the AWS Key Management Service. The data will be protected from the unauthorized access to the storage. Government and Industry Regulations, Organizational policies and the compliance requirements require encryption of the data to secure the transaction. 

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