Thursday 26 July 2018

AWS Managed Kubernetes Service is generally available and the IT pros are all over it

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The AWS Managed Kubernetes is now made generally available which has spiked up the curiosity among the IT pros at the AWS Summit in New York. Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration that simplifies the Kubernetes cluster management. Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes was made available in June. 
AWS runs more Kubernetes workloads compared to any other cloud provider even before the introduction of the Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes. Most of the AWS customer’s base use to run the Kubernetes on the Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute Instances. 

While there are some who believe that managed Kubernetes service will eliminate portability. Even though the platform migrations are rare but when the customer contracts expire then they have to keep their options open. Normally Container is normally seen as the portable device or the anti-lock device so the managed Kubernetes is sparking a worry between the users that it will negate portability.

At the AWS Summit that was held last week, the attendee was asked how to build a kubernetes cluster in the Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes. The Attendee answer to this solution differed from every user and their use cases. Kubernetes is widely used by many vendors that it has now become a robust technology. Amazon Web Service is aiming in incorporating Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes with the rest of the services. It is been speculated that Fargate Support for EKS will be available soon and it will summarize the container management service that will attract large enterprises with use of containers in production. 

In the meantime, the AWS Customers are looking out ways to use Elastic Container Service and EKS for deeper integration with their use cases. 

Amazon EKS operates the Kubernetes management infrastructure for the customers on various AWS availability zone to eradicate a single point of failure. Applications that operate on any standard Kubernetes environment are fully compatible and it can easily be transferred to the Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes. Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes enables the customers to easily scale, deploy and manage the containerized applications using the kubernetes on Amazon Web Services.

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