Thursday 7 June 2018

AWS announced Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes is now generally available

Amazon EKS

Amazon Web Services announced that they are introducing Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes which is a managed service that will make it easy to manage, scale and deploy the containerized application using the kubernetes on AWS Cloud. There are a lot of customers who utilize millions of containers every week where most of the AWS customers use the Amazon Elastic Container Service which is a highly scalable, high-performance container orchestration service that supports the docker containers and it is integrated with most of the familiar AWS features like the Access Management and AWS Identity, Elastic Load Balancing and security groups. 

Along with Amazon Elastic Container Service, Kubernetes has also become very popular with the AWS customers. According to the survey, it is been confirmed that 57 percent of Kubernetes users run Kubernetes on Amazon Web Service more than any other Cloud Platform. 

Earlier, operating Kubernetes clusters with high availability use to involve a lot of work and required expertise. Customers had to provide the Kubernetes management infrastructure on multiple availability zones, perform updates without causing the downtime and replacement of unhealthy infrastructure. But now with Amazon EKS, the customer won’t face the difficulties that they had to witness earlier and it also offers architecture for production use that will automatically operate the Kubernetes management infrastructure on multiple Availability Zones so to eradicate a single point of failure. It automatically identifies the unhealthy zone and replaces it with the healthy nodes and upgrades on-demand versions for the Kubernetes management infrastructure and patches it. This will make the infrastructure more resilient.

Deepak Singh, Director of AWS Compute Services said that a lot of customers operate container on AWS and Kubernetes on AWS Cloud than anywhere else. Before Amazon EKS, the customer had to either to take up a good amount of work to architect a highly fault-tolerant way to operate kubernetes or just settle with the lack of resiliency. But now with the launch of the Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes the customers no longer have to face intricacy with managing the infrastructure and still get a fault-tolerant, highly available, managed Kubernetes service. There is no doubt as to so many customers are excited with this launch. 

Customer don’t have to bear the pain of managing the cluster administration and operation task, ensuring every move of management infrastructure so that it is properly provisioned, highly available, backed up, updated and secure. Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes is a certified Kubernetes standard so the customer can now operate their existing Kubernetes applications without changing any code using the existing Kubernetes tooling. Time Inc. UK, Trainline, Verisk, Verizon, Axway, Conde Nast Taiwan, CyberAgent, Schibsted, Skyscanner, Snap Inc., Teradata, EBSCO, FICO, FireEye, GoDaddy, Numerate, Otonomo, Pearson, RetailMeNot, Honeywell Movilizer, Insikt, Intuit, LogicWorks, Mercari and Zendesk are some of the customers who are adopting Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes to operate Kubernetes on AWS Cloud. 

Pratik Wadher, Vice President of Intuit said that Amazon EKS allows them to combine the flexibility of the Kubernetes with the reliability, security and scalability offered by AWS. 

Chris Jackson, Director of Cloud Platforms at Pearson said that with this launch it will give them more time to focus on the internal team and core activities which will help them build their service to be more efficient. 

Alex Strand, Senior Director of Engineering at Snap Inc said that they are thrilled to use Amazon EKS as their core compute service that will meet their needs.

Amazon Elastic Container Service is now generally available and you can learn more about Amazon EKS here. Amazon EKS is now available for all the AWS customers in US West (Oregon) and US East (N.Virginia) AWS regions. 

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