Wednesday 14 March 2018

Thinkbox Deadline has now added support for Cinema4D for Linix OS

Thinkbox Deadline announces support for Cinema4D for Linux and OSX which is an addition to Windows Operating System. With this new feature, it will become possible to integrate Linux instances with Cinema4D which will help the customers to make their rendering workloads more cost-effective. 

From the Deadline monitor itself, you can submit jobs or from within the Cinema 4D by installing the integrated submission script or you can also submit jobs from the monitor. You need select Python then tap on Plugins and then click submit to Deadline within Cinema4D to submit the job. Cinema 4D versions R15 and earlier versions you need select Plugins and then click on Submit to Deadline. To use Cinema4D for Linux with the Deadline you need to download or later versions. 

Other than the Cinema 4D for Linux Support the latest versions of the Thinkbox Deadline also includes the updated preset Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute Instance Types for Amazon Web Services Portal with the latest generations of Amazon EC2 instance type families. Amazon Web Service Portal now has a check to see if the Operating System for Amazon Machine Image being started is supported by the selected instances types. AWS has also added Public IP overrides to Portal Link and Asset Server which will the customers to override the default IT that is set by the AWS Portal. 

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