Wednesday 14 March 2018

AWS Storage Gateway Service adds support for Requestor Pays S3 buckets and expands automation with CloudWatch Events

Amazon Web Services Storage Gateways Service has now added support for “Requestor Pays” for Amazon S3 buckets and also expanded the set of CloudWatch Events for File Gateway to automate the hybrid cloud workflows. File Gateway allows the on-premises application to access the objects in Amazon Simple Storage Service as files. File contents and metadata are cached locally so to create optimal performance. The refresh cache operation synchronizes the local cache with Simple Storage Service. 

The new Amazon CloudWatch Events operates when the refresh cache operation finishes. CloudWatch Events when combined with the file upload notification events then it allows the users to automate workflows for data processing and content sharing in the hybrid cloud architecture. File Gateway can gain access to S3 buckets configured as “Requestor Pays”. When the “Requester Pays” is enabled then the requestor pays for data and request downloads where normally the bucket owner pays the cost of the downloading data. Such buckets can be utilized to share the public data such as USDA Aerial Photography or Hubble Space Telescope observations. 

File Gateway caches regularly used data locally so that to help requesters to decrease latency and make it cost-effective. File Gateway Appliances can also operate on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute C5/M5 instances and support the predefined cross-account bucket access by utilizing the Amazon Simple Storage Service Canned Access Control List. The new File Gateway appliances include all these features and the existing File Gateways will receive the updates automatically in the next scheduled maintenance. The update can be implemented manually via the service API or management console. 

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