Thursday 8 March 2018

Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute T2 instance types is available on Windows with SQL Server Enterprise

Windows with the SQL Server Enterprise Edition is supported now on Amazon EC2 t2.xlarge and t2.2xlarge instances types. Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute T2 instances are the lowest cost Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute General Purpose instance types that offer a baseline level of CPU performance with the ability to accelerate above the baseline. T2 instances are preferred for multiple users of general purpose application like small, medium and micro-services databases and product prototypes. Customers can now run and launch SQL Server Enterprise on t2.xlarge and t2.2xlarge instances types and can utilize the Microsoft software licenses with the Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute. You can benefit a lot from buying from AWS with Microsoft Licensing such as you have to pay as you go with no long-term investments and upfront cost, AWS manage licensing compliance, and AWS managed Windows Image and support for a legacy version of Microsoft Software. 

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