Thursday 8 March 2018

Amazon CloudWatch Events now enables users to use AWS Batch as Event Target


Amazon CloudWatch Events has now added support for Amazon Web Services Batch as the event target to run batch computing workloads. Amazon CloudWatch Events allows users to promptly respond to the application availability issues or change in configuration that will affect the performance or security by notifying you about the Amazon Web Services resources in real time. 

The users have to write rules to specify which event is of interest to the application and what automated action you want to take when the rule matches an event. You can invoke AWS Lambda function or notify an Amazon Simple Notification Service topic or take an Amazon Elastic Book Store volume snapshot every hour or at the intervals down to 1 minute. Amazon Web Service Batch is a managed service that will automatically deliver compute resource and optimize the workload distribution that is based on the volume and resource requirements of the submitted jobs. It removes the necessity of installing and managing the batch computing software. 

You only have to pay for the AWS resources that you need to build to store and operate your batch jobs. AWS Batch can be added as a target by generating Amazon CloudWatch Events rule and determining the AWS Batch job ARN. When the rule matches events it will automatically start the job by invoking the Batch submit job API. Earlier you have to utilize services such as AWS Lambda as the workaround to take advantage of Amazon CloudWatch for the event-driven batch workloads. 

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