Saturday, 20 January 2018

Comcast Partners with Amazon Web Service Company for Cloud Services

Comcast Corporation has announced that they have teamed up with Amazon Web Service for Public Cloud Infrastructure Partner. AWS said that Comcast Cable is presently operating its workloads in the Seattle based e-commerce giants cloud platform which will thus bring additional workloads to Amazon Web Service and create new applications on it. 

Jan Hofmeyr of Comcast Cable said that they are developing a strategic relationship with Amazon Web Service. From over the years, AWS has been a huge advantage with services offered like storage. Analytics and compute which made them realize that Amazon Web Service is customer focused. 

Mike Clayville, AWS Leader said that Comcast Cable wanted solution such as flexibility; agility and high-performance deliverance compute storage so that it helps them move ahead in the competition. Amazon Web Service with Comcast Cable has made them confident in migrating their core business workloads, gain agility and build new applications tools that they required by utilizing Amazon Web Service. Comcast Cable want to move ahead and create great services for its customers thus implementing AWS service has helped them greatly achieve those targets. 

AWS delivers its services to millions of customers all over the world with its services spreading to over 190 countries around the world which is India, United Kindom, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Korea, China, Japan, France, Ireland, and Germany. 

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