Saturday 20 January 2018

Amazon Web Service Lambda Serverless Platform supports Go

Amazon Web Service Serverless Platform now adds support for Lambda functions writing in Go which is a popular programming language which was originally developed by Google. AWS has announced at re:invent that it would add Go support so for many it didn’t come as a surprise. Now with this latest support, the developers can now write Go Functions and run them on Amazon Lambda Function. 

Amazon Lambda function now support Go, Java, Node.js, JavaScript, Python, and C#. Google’s Lambda competitor Cloud Functions presently support Node.js at the same time still being in beta whereas Azure Function supports JavaScript, Java, F# and C# with experimental support for PHP, Bash, Python, Powershell, and TypeScript. 
Language Support is not so crucial when it comes to Serverless Platforms but adding more languages will provision a wide range of developers a Serverless Platform like Lambda. This will actually be a greater advantage and create more users. 

Go Code on Amazon Lambda is executed in a standard go1.x runtime and developers can upload the code as the ZIP file via Amazon Web Service Command Line Tools or in the Amazon Lambda Console. AWS X-Ray is a company’s debugging and monitoring solution for various applications also now supports Go functions for Amazon Lambda and AWS CodeStar can now help you to set up the frequent delivery toolchain for the Go Functions.  

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