Saturday 20 January 2018

Amazon Web Service is now loading up the datacenter capacity again with 50th availability region

Amazon Web Service has now expanded its AWS Cloud Computing infrastructure by adding more data center capacity to the London Region. Amazon Web Service Cloud Computing are hosted in various locations all over the world where each AWS region is in different geographic areas. So Amazon subdivides it and it is then known as availability zones. Each Availability zone consists of one or more Cloud Computing data centers that are far enough apart so that even one single event won’t take them both apart. 

The Availability zone has multiple internet connections and power connections to various grids. Amazon Web Service announced that it has 50 Availability zone after adding the third zone to the EU (London) Region. 

The customers in the UK now has multiple Availability zones that will give more flexibility in architecting fault tolerant application in different Availability zone in the United Kingdom. BBC, Deloitte, Travis Perkins and BT are AWS customers that applied the largest system and business change in their history by including all in the migration of the data center in Amazon Web Service. Met Office is utilizing the Amazon Web Service Support for Met Office Weather Applications and the Drive and Vehicle Licensing Agency is also utilizing the EU( London) Region for Strategic Card Payments Platform. AWS also announced that it will add 12 more Availability zone and 4 more AWS Regions. 

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