Tuesday 5 December 2017

Amazon Web Service announces contribution to the milestone 1.0 release and introduces new model serving function

Amazon Web Service has announced that they have added a contribution to the milestone 1.0 release of the Apache MXnet Deep Learning Framework and also have introduced Model Serving Function. Apache MXnet is convenient to use and it is a modern open-source deep learning framework that is used to deploy and train deep neural network which helps to support multiple computer languages and flexible programming. 

The Model serving function for MX net runs, packages and delivers deep learning models quick with just few line of code that makes them accessible on the internet through the API endpoint and thus it become more convenient to incorporate into applications. The Milestone 1.0 release consists of an advanced indexing capability that allows the users to run matrix operations in an instinctive manner. With this latest release, there are other features such as decreasing the communication bandwidth between the computer nodes without loss in unified accuracy or rate. 

The Developers can easily take advantage of MXnet’s performance and scalability because of the new tool for converting neural network code inscribed with the Caffe framework to MXnet code. It is very simple to get started with MXnet and if you want to learn more about the new Gluon interface for the Apache MXnet Deep Learning then you can click here to get more information (http://gluon.mxnet.io/). This link contains all the information from the introduction or basics of deep learning to how to apply cutting-edge neural network models. 

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