Tuesday 5 December 2017

The New Quick Start has now added Security Configuration to Support Center for Internet Security Amazon Web Service Foundations Benchmark

The New Quick Start now deploys a Standardized environment that supports conformity with the CIS Benchmark for Amazon Web Service Foundations. The new Quick Start was created by the Amazon Web Service Solution architects and compliance experts in association with Accenture which is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. Center for Internet Security Benchmarks is consensus-based setting up guideline built by experts in US business, academic institution, industry, and government to help organizations enhance and assess their security. 

Quick Start applies CIS Amazon Web Service Foundations Benchmark which is a security configuration best practice for managing AAWS accounts and delivering continuous monitoring capabilities for such security configurations. Best Practices that is available for the Amazon Web Service Users with step by step assessment and implementation procedures. Quick Start aims at implementing core AWS security measures straightforward for AWS account owners and security teams. Security Configuration is implemented by the Quick Start to support the Center for Internet Security AWS Foundation benchmark by generating Amazon CloudWatch Alarms, AWS Config rules and CloudWatch events in the Amazon Web Service account. 

The Customizable AWS Cloud Templates and scripts automatically deploy that is configured and build the environment in 10 minutes. Quick Start is an automated reference deployment for essential workloads on the Amazon Web Service Cloud. It configures, runs and launches the AWS network, storage, computes and other services that are needed to deploy specific workload on AWS cloud. 

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