Monday 4 December 2017

Amazon Web Service introduced Amazon Sumerian to create Virtual Reality, augmented reality and 3D applications quickly

AWS Sumerian

A lot of Tech Evangelist was waiting for AWS re-invent for releasing new services related to mixed reality, virtual reality and augmented reality and it did justice when the conference kicked off. Amazon Web Service announced Amazon Sumerian which is a new platform for developers to host and generate 3D apps; Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality quickly with minimal coding for tablets and smartphones, digital signage, head based displays and web browsers. Amazon Sumerian is free for usage and you have to pay only for the storage that you have created.

Amazon Sumerian was announced at the Amazon Web Services Midnight Madness pre-show event and it is available for preview. It is Browser-based and operated in any browser that supports WebVR and WebGL graphics rendering such as HTC vive, iOS mobile devices, Daydream and Oculus Rift.

3D Image

There are different features in Amazon Sumerian preview that consist of the ability to design 3D applications, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality immersive environments using the library of pre-built objects. You can build animated characters using the Lex Speech Recognition and Polly for natural language understanding and then you can ship the apps to different hardware. It also in cooperates with third-party developers for certain features that consist of Mapbox for location services.

The name Sumerian is chosen for this Amazon Service because it is a language of the Sumer People of Mesopotamia which is a great choice and it suits the Amazon’s Concept. It is the world’s first written tongues and it is the basis of the many languages that are followed. Amazon Sumerian is built in such a way that it delivers 3D Applications, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with tools that are very easy to use.

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are used by the Customers for many purposes an in training and educating employees and generating new customer experiences but it was difficult to do all this because of specialised skills, tools and investment needed to build AR and VR application. But now with Amazon Sumerian, the customers need not worry much about the tools, skills, and investment needed to create an interactive, realistic AR or VR application in just a few hours by offering pre-configured objects to create applications quickly with less coding to cover.

3D Image

Amazon Web Service has also added the body scanning start-up GameSparks and Body apps which is a platform for creating games. Amazon is coming forth in the position of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and the new way of Cloud Computing. Amazon will help in focusing on a very practical realistic in nature by providing enhanced online shopping experiences, training simulations, virtual house or land tours and virtual concierge services.
AWS is bringing in a lot of services in various areas to simplify new computing applications. It concludes that Amazon Web Service is coming forward to make technology more easy and less time consuming which will ultimately become a default platform for building application on the new tech.

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