Friday, 6 October 2017

Amazon Web Service Database Migration Service Adds Amazon Simple Storage Service and Azure SQL Database as a source

Amazon Web Service DMS has added Amazon S3 and Azure SQL Database as their migration sources. Amazon Simple Storage Service is an object storage with a simple web interface so that you can store and retrieve any amount of data as you need. As Amazon S3 is supporting both the source and target thus you can now conveniently move the data between the Amazon S3 buckets and any database that is supported by Database Migration Service. Database Migration Service supports now full load from Azure SQL Database instances as it is building on the existing support for SQL Server targets and sources. The Information can be transferred from the Azure SQL Database instance to SQL Server Database that is running on the Amazon Elastic C2 or Amazon Relational Database Service or to the open source database or any other target that is supported by the Database Migration Service. It ultimately opens up both the cloud database mobility and vendor mobility. 

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