Friday 6 October 2017

Amazon EMR release 5.9.0 has added new supports for Apache Livy, Presto 0,184 and Hue 4.0.1

Amazon Elastic MapReduce has now added three new supports which is Apache Livy, Presto 0.184, Flink 1.3.2 and Hue 4.0.1 on Amazon EMR release 5.9.0. Apache Livy is an application that will allow you to submit, manage and interact with Apache Spack application over a REST interface. Hue 4.0.1 consists with a new SQL Editor and redesigned interface, improved job browser UI and interactive spark notebook. Apache Spark on release 5.9.0 now doesn't use 3DES and instead, it now uses the SSL for in-transit encryption for the block transfer service that provides performance enhancements when utilizing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instance types with AES-NI. They have also added various enhancements to spark to improve the performance and resilience during AutoScaling 

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