Saturday 2 September 2017

Tips on how to turn EC2 based windows server into a Domain Controller

It will be very tricky and a difficult process for you to set up a single virtual Windows machine on EC2. But setting up Domain Controller and then connecting it to multiple virtual machines is completely a different story. Lets us learn as to how to turn you Amazon EC2 Based Windows Server into Domain Controller.

The following steps to turn EC2 based Windows servers into a Domain Controller are as follows:-

1.    The first step is to launch your instances. Read the following licenses agreement carefully that pop up on the window and then agree to the terms and conditions. After that then select a guest operating system which is Microsoft Windows in this case and also select the version.

2.    Configure Administrator password for each instance and then set a new Administrator password.

3.    Disable in all servers EC2SetComputeName in %programfiles%\Amazon\Ec2ConfigService\Settings\config.xml.

4.    After Disabling you have to rename the computers.

5.    Then configure the DNS server to point to the Domain Controller (netsh int ip set dns "local area connection" static primary) and the internal IP address of the DC is

6.    Select a DNS namespace (ad.compute-1.internal)

7.    Choose a Domain Controller role by selecting domain controller for a new domain. Select Domain in a new forest and use the DNS name that you have set. You also have to set a Domain NetBIOS name. Choose the default Database folder and log folder and you should use the C drive for both so that is both consist in an AMI when combined. First, accept the default setting for the SYSVOL folder location to configure and install the DNS Server on this computer that is made to set the computer to use the DNS Server as their preferred DNS Server. The permission will only work on the Windows 200 and Windows Server 2003. After all this, you then have to set up a Directory Service Restore Mode Administrator password.

8.    Mark the member server at the Domain Controller for DNS.

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