Saturday 2 September 2017

You can now easily deploy NGINX Plus on the Amazon Web Service Cloud

Amazon Web Service has released an update to the NGINX Plus Quick Start which is also included with Auto Scaling feature. Amazon QuickStart is built by the Amazon Web Service Solutions architects with NGINX, Inc so that it helps in setting up the NGINX Plus on the Amazon Web Service Cloud with ease in less than 30 minutes. The features that are included are Infrastructure improvements that also consist of Linux bastion host in the Auto Scaling group and efficient Quick Start Portability, Support is added for Auto Scaling policies for the NGINX Plus Instances that offers configurable desired capacity, maximum and minimum size settings, NGINX ASG SYNC integration software monitors the Auto Scaling groups which removes or adds web application instances as needed from the NGINX Plus Environment that is established in the configuration settings. NGINX Plus is a reverse proxy for high traffic sales and open source web server. It has technical support and enterprise features for the web and mobile acceleration, advanced Load balancing and Application management, monitoring and security. Amazon Quick Start creates the Amazon Web Service Infrastructure and utilizes the NGINX Plus AMI from the Amazon Web Service Marketplace to set up the software in the virtual private cloud in the Amazon Web Service Account. The configuration and deployment task is automated by the Amazon Web Service CloudFormation template that you can make changes during the launch. The templates can use as the starting point for downloading and implementing GitHub Repository.  

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