Wednesday 13 September 2017

AWS Pinpoint supports two ways text messaging that allows the customers to receive messages from users

Amazon Web Service has announced Amazon Pinpoint Two-Way Text messaging feature where the customers can now receive messages from the users. Amazon Pinpoint will send the text message to the customer that the user has replied to where the customer can programmatically reply back to the message the user has send. This two way text messaging feature will allow number of new use cases for Amazon Pinpoint customers to especially for multi-step transactional workflows that needs an action in response to receiver of the text message from the user to the introductory part of the outbound message. A customer can use the Amazon Pinpoint to alert the user when there is event arising such as the subscription renewal and could request the user if they want to launch the refill by responding to the primary part of the message with yes or no reply. So when the text message will return from the user then the Amazon Pinpoint Customer can then programmatically send a response and decide the next action to take such as providing an order to the pharmacy to renew the prescription. 

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