Wednesday, 13 September 2017

You can now set up the Solace Virtual Message Router on the Amazon Web Service Cloud with the new Quick Start

The New Quick Start can now automatically set up the Solace Virtual Message Router (VMR) on the Amazon Web Service Cloud in less than 30 minutes with the configuration of your choice. The Solace Virtual Message Router offers message persistence and routing capabilities in the public cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud environments which consist of on-premises and internet of things (IoT) systems. The Solace Virtual Message Router will allow you successfully route real-time data among all kinds of devices, systems and interfaces utilizing the message exchange patterns which consist of request/reply, publish/subscribe and streaming by using the open APIs and protocols such as REST, JMS, AMQP, MQTT and WebSocket. The Quick Start sets up the Solace Virtual Message Router instances into the virtual private cloud (VPC) in the Amazon Web Service Account. The Docker will be installed on the Virtual Message Router Instance and the Solace is installed and carried on the Docker Container. The Quick Start will install the Solace Virtual Message Router in high availability (HA) non-functioning group for fault tolerance. The router automatically takes over when the other router is taken out of service or fails by providing service to the client whose router is out of service. The message routers are deployed to three Availability zone to maximize the availability. An Amazon Web Service CloudFormation template automates the configuration and deployment task that can be customized during the launching period. 

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