Wednesday 6 September 2017

Amazon Web Service and Consegna are working together to introduce more cloud capabilities in New Zealand

Amazon Web Service is one of the most successful and is one of the top Cloud Computing Service Provider in the Market. Many Start up companies who want to specialise in the Cloud Computing arena have found the great opportunity in Amazon Web Service. Most of the companies have profoundly risen to a great success by collaborating with Amazon Web Service because of the unique services AWS is providing to its customers all over the world. Consegna is one of the companies in New Zealand who collaborated with AWS to provide Cloud Computing Services and is growing successful in coming months.

Amazon Web Service is now collaborating with Consegna to innovate more cloud capabilities as it is also recognized as the Amazon Web Service Advanced Consulting Partner with the objective of innovating and introducing new cloud capabilities with the growing customer base all over New Zealand.

Consegna is an Auckland based start up which was founded in June 2016 and has grown in short years with a number of success stories in these 12 months with over growth of customers reaching from enterprises and governments departments, tourism, finance, entertainment sectors, education and property services.

It will aim in validating the new status of creating business supported by the tech giant which is backed by the global team of cloud specialist which will improve the global managed services partnerships with the Rackspace Locally. The spokesperson of Consegna said that with this new partnership with AWS is the testament of the hard work of the team and how they have reached the milestone to the success in the recorded time in the New Zealand Market.

John Taylor and Michael Butler is the founder of the Consegna where once upon a time they were entrepreneurs that met in London in early 200s that have come together as the network delivery Cisco engineers for GlaxoSmithKline. At First, they use to run a European Network and then they started providing security capabilities for Polo Ralph Lauren which is a security solution and delivery network in Northern Italy.

Now Consegna a Start up Company is working from past 12 months in New Zealand that they recruiting key customer wins. Consegna is continuously growing the team of Amazon Web Service Certified Professionals in New Zealand and is now recruiting Cloud Focused Roles in Auckland and Wellington by mainly focusing on consultants, inside sales and delivery managers.

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