Thursday 7 September 2017

Amazon QuickSight has got new features such as Amazon S3 Analytics Connector, Search and Filter Groups

Amazon Web Service has now introduced extra features to Amazon QuickSight so that you can now search the data sets, dashboards and the analyses in QuickSight utilizing the unified search box by making it quick and convenient to search and access the data. Filter Group is also added as a feature that will allow you to create a filter group in the Amazon QuickSight with the varieties of filter that are analyzed together using the OR operation. The AND operation is also applied in the Filter Group which will offer you the flexibility to implement filtering criteria to the data. Amazon S3 Analytics Connector is also released in Amazon QuickSight so now the Amazon S3 customers can now build data sets and analyses in the S3 Analytics data that expands on multiple S3 buckets and configurations. With this feature, you can now optimize and analyze the S3 usage by utilizing a single comprehensive QuickSight Dashboard.  

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