Thursday 24 August 2017

Amazon Web Service Step Function is now available in EU (London) Region

Amazon Web Service Step Function makes it convenient to manage the various characteristics of micro services using the visual workflows and distributed applications. It helps you perform various functions by letting you change applications quickly and achieve scalable performance by building an application from the individual component. Amazon Step Function is the steady way to manage components and step through the function of the application. 

AWS Step Function is the part of the Amazon Web Service Serverless Platform which makes it easy to customize Amazon Web Service Lambda Functions for serverless applications.  Amazon Step Function can be used for micro services customization using the computing resources such as the Amazon EC2 Container Service and Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute. Amazon Step Function offers a graphical console to manage and visualize the component of the application as the series of steps which makes it easy to run and build multi-step applications. 

Amazon Step Function makes sure that your applications are executed in an orderly manner by automatically triggering and tracking each step and eradicates errors. Amazon Step Functions records each step so that when anything goes wrong it can be debugged and diagnosed problems quickly. The step can be added or changed without writing code so that it can conveniently innovate and evolve the applications faster. 

You have to pay only for the transition with Amazon Web Service Step Function according to the application workflow which is known as state transition. With the free tier includes 4000 state transition each month on Amazon Step Function. Amazon Step Function is now available in Asia Pacific (Sydney), US East (N. Virginia), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), US East (Ohio), EU (London), US West (Oregon), EU (Frankfurt) and EU (Ireland).

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