Thursday 24 August 2017

Hulu chose Amazon Web Service as their Cloud Provider

Hulu is a live TV that is Leveraging AWS and have announced that they have selected AWS as its Cloud Provider and have influenced Amazon Web Service to publish it's new and over the Top live TV service.

Hulu found Amazon Web Service as a scalable, cost effective and efficient development of the growth of the company so that it can support 50 more channels for Hulu with Live TV Launch in May 2017. Hulu has selected Amazon Web Service so that they can deliver a great and pleasant viewer experiences even though if there is a lot of traffic in viewership.
Amazon Web Service will be providing Cloud Computing service which will allow Hulu to focus on the core part of the business by focusing mainly on the innovation of the OTT delivery for its highly personalized viewer experience rather than spending time managing the infrastructure. By doing this Hulu will be redefining the television experience for the Hulu experience and because of the live TV feature, it has become a necessity to decrease latency and increase the performance.

Rafael Soltanovich, Vice President of Software development at Hulu said that with the latest technology of Live TV it has become the necessity to create the best experience for the viewers. He also added that they have chosen Amazon Web Service as their cloud provider because of their variety of products and services. AWS offers elasticity, security, and agility that are needed foremost by Hulu Company which is the key to setting up new service. With the data centers that are provided by the AWS, it helps in storing the DVR storage, stream ingest and repackaging it has helped Hulu have scaled to higher availability with faster time to market.

Mike Clayville, Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Sales at Amazon Web Service said that upcoming leaders in entertainment and media like Hulu want a more Efficient and Optimized ways to create scalable OTT and streaming solutions. He also said that AWS helps such companies to procure such objective and aims easily where Hulu has made a smart decision in choosing Amazon Web Service to improve their performance and scalability.

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