Thursday 30 March 2023

Build in-demand cloud skills with AWS


Cloud skills are in demand because cloud computing is transforming the way businesses operate. With Cloud, companies can accelerate innovation, drive business agility, streamline operations, and reduce costs.

Businesses are increasingly relying on cloud-based services to stay competitive. 

As a result, companies are looking for professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage cloud-based infrastructures and applications.

Which Cloud Skills are in demand?

There are multiple players in the Cloud Service Provider category. Cloud skills which are in demand 

  • Cloud Deployment and Migration Across Multiple Platforms

  • Cloud Security

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Cloud Service Platform expertise

  • Database Skills   

  • DevOps

Why AWS?

AWS is a cloud-computing platform that provides a wide range of services, such as storage, computing, networking, analytics, database, and application services. This allows businesses to build and deploy applications faster, while saving on costs. AWS also offers scalability and flexibility, allowing businesses to scale up or down as needed. With its reliable, secure, and cost-effective services, AWS has become the go-to platform for many companies looking to move to the cloud.

  • Building AWS skills can provide a major advantage in the job market, as the demand for AWS professionals continues to increase. 

  • Mastering its capabilities will unlock a wealth of opportunities for professionals

  • AWS offers numerous certifications that validate one’s skill level, which can be beneficial when applying for different job roles.

  • Additionally, AWS certifications can lead to higher salaries, as AWS professionals are typically compensated more than those without the certification.

Available training programs & certifications in AWS -


AWS offers both digital & classroom training through AWS Skill Builder. Multiple free digital training sessions are available which you can complete at your own pace. You can choose the training by topic. Different learning plans are available with practice question sets free of cost.

You can purchase an individual subscription which will give access to Cloud Quest, Practice exam, exam preparation courses, AWS Builder Labs & AWS Jam Journey. 

In addition to digital content AWS offers Instructor led classroom training where you can directly interact with instructor and ask questions.

Training event - AWS hosts free training events both online and in person such as Exam readiness sessions, Essential Days, etc.

AWS Learning Badges - For all digital training courses, you can get learning badge from AWS which will demonstrate your knowledge & skills of that specific AWS Cloud topic.


AWS Certifications are valued by employers, as they demonstrate a commitment to professional development, as well as an understanding of the technology. AWS Certificates are also becoming increasingly sought after by hiring managers, as they provide employers with assurance that they are hiring individuals with the required knowledge and experience to effectively perform the job.

What next?

1. Start With the Basics: Before delving into AWS certifications, it’s important to have a foundational understanding of cloud computing and the AWS platform. Try the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials online course to start. 

2. Choose Your Path: AWS offers a variety of certifications for different career paths. Choose the certifications as per your skills & career goals. 

3. Study and Prepare: Be sure to review the exam guide, sample questions, and practice exams for the certification you choose. 

4. Schedule and Take the Exam: Schedule your exam and take it at your local testing center or online. 

5. Maintain Your Certification: Keep your certification up to date by taking the recertification exam every two years. 

6. Get Hands-On Experience: AWS certifications are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge, but gaining hands-on experience is essential for a successful career in cloud computing. Consider taking an AWS Training course or participating in an AWS Partner Network bootcamp. 

7. Network and Find Opportunities: Join AWS user groups, attend conferences, and connect with other AWS professionals to find job opportunities.

Job Opportunities at 

  • Senior Cloud Engineer

  • Technical Cordinator

  • Project Management Officer

  • Sales Manager

  • Inside Sales Executive

Mail your CV on

Join AWS User Group to attend online & physical learning sessions on AWS Services :


AWS Certificates are in demand because they provide cloud professionals with the skills and knowledge to help them gain a competitive edge in the cloud computing market. Keep yourself updated with skills in demand in the job market. Once you have obtained an AWS certification, you can continue to build your skills and knowledge by taking additional courses. 

Written By Suvarna Jadhav, Manager - Strategic Partnerships & Alliances (

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