Monday 27 December 2021

AWS announces re:Post - Q&A service, replaces AWS Forums

AWS has announced a new Q&A community platform re:Post, that would include assisting developers in building applications, preparing for AWS certification, debating on topics (design, development, deployment, operations on AWS, etc.) & knowledge sharing.


Steve Roberts, developer advocate at AWS said, "Today, I’m happy to announce AWS re:Post, a new, question and answer (Q&A) service, part of the AWS Free Tier, that is driven by the community of AWS customers, partners, and employees. AWS re:Post is an AWS-managed Q&A service offering crowd-sourced, expert-reviewed answers to your technical questions about AWS that replaces the original AWS Forums. Community members can earn reputation points to build up their community expert status by providing accepted answers and reviewing answers from other users, helping to continually expand the availability of public knowledge across all AWS services."

There is no mandatory sign-in on the website. Users can do Certification linking using Credly.  

About is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that delivers AWS managed services that cater to every business need and aims in simplifying the AWS Cloud Journey. Our Team is the driving force behind with the experience, knowledge, and skills that they behold in making cloud computing and AWS Cloud a pleasant experience. 


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