Monday 27 December 2021

AWS Shield Advanced gets updated for Automatic Application Layer DDoS Mitigation

AWS has rolled out an update for Shield Advanced, managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection service - Automatic Application Layer DDoS Mitigation. 

This update will help customers mitigate potential threatens that might cause application downtime. Additionally, it automatically creates, tests, and deploys AWS WAF rules to mitigate layer 7 DDoS events as managed DDoS protection. security expertise

How does Automatic Application Layer DDoS Mitigation work? 

  1. Advanced Shield will establish 30-day traffic baseline into each protected resource.
  2. Once Automatic mitigation is enabled, then Shield Managed Rules group will create AWS WAF rules.
  3. Significant traffic deviation from baseline will be termed as potential DDoS event.
  4. Post event detection, Shield Advanced will try to identify a signature. Once the signature is identified, WAF rules will be created to mitigate that signature.
  5. Customers can create CloudWatch alerts to have an update on requests status.
To know more about how AWS Shield Advanced works, read blog post is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner offering Managed Security Services. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and having expertise in security, we at adopt security practices as per AWS standards for all our customers. Considering the AWS environment and offerings there are a lot of services that enhance and improve the security posture of your applications. 

Some of the key characteristics of our security service offerings include:

  • PCI DSS & HIPAA Compliance

  • Security integrations with Applications

  • Protection against Web Attacks

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