Monday 2 March 2020

Amazon Lightsail proposes resource monitoring, alarming and notifications

Amazon Lightsail now offers resource monitoring, alarming and notifications. You can now assign starting point for each of the monitored metrics for Amazon Lightsail instances, load balancers and databases, and be notified if the thresholds are exceeded via email and SMS notifications. This new launch will let you understand the health of your Lightsail infrastructure, and be notified if there are any difficulties. At most 2 alarms per metric can be stated on instances, load balancers and databases. For example, one alarm could be used as an alert and the other alarm could pop when it has exceeded a critical threshold. To create the alarm, you only need to choose the metric you require to alarm on, a threshold value for the metric to exceed and how long the metric requires to overshoot the threshold value to trigger the alarm. When an alarm is violated, a warning flag is appeared in the Lightsail console. Besides, you can select to get notifications through email and/or SMS text message using Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). Email address and SMS contact numbers can be supplied on a region by region basis, and not all regions support SMS text messaging (read documentation for details). No extra charges are applied on this new feature. To get more information, read documentation on how to create your first set of alarms.

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