Tuesday 22 October 2019

Now AWS IoT Things Graph offers workflow examining with AWS CloudWatch

AWS IoT Things Graph is an orchestration service which clarifies development of IoT applications. AWS IoT Things Graph is an entirely organized service which allows customers to quickly create IoT applications with the help of a visual drag-and-drop interface to link and collaborate any devices and web services of their option. These applications can utilize multiple devices and web services from various manufacturers which apply distinct protocols, data formats, and message syntaxes. When users are set to deploy their application, AWS IoT Things Graph automatically connects low-level device and service details (e.g., communication protocols, unit conversions) jointly, so they can pass on with each other with small custom code, reducing users time, effort, and money. User can deploy their application to either the AWS IoT Cloud or Greengrass-enabled gateway. Now you can observe your AWS IoT Things Graph workflows utilizing AWS CloudWatch metrics. You can gather metrics for workflow steps which are performed by AWS IoT Things Graph, covering success count, failure count, and total count and then set alarm thresholds for each of these metrics within AWS CloudWatch. For example, you can set alarms that watch for the number of flows that have failed, and send notifications to a downstream application or to an operator. To get further detail information on AWS IoT Things Graph, read documentation, or you can read features here.

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