Monday 29 July 2019

Now WebSocket Assisted By Amazon Transcribe Streaming

Amazon Transcribe applies advanced machine learning technologies to identify speech in audio files and translate them into text. Amazon Transcribe can utilize to change audio to text and to build applications which include the audio file content. Example, you can transcribe the audio track from a video recording to create closed captioning for the video. Amazon Transcribe offers assistance to WebSocket protocol for streaming transcription. Users can open a bidirectional connection to send an audio stream to the service, and in return, receive a stream of text in real time. Before this introduction, streaming transcription was available via HTTP/2 streams. WebSocket protocol assistance produces integrations simple for customers with WebSocket-based clients. You can utilize streaming transcription to efficiently and precisely record transcripts for multiple use cases, like transcribing calls for contact centers, automatically produce subtitles for media, also recording meeting notes for business efficiency. To get more information about this WebSocket feature, refer documentation. This new feature is accessible in each region where streaming service is accessible, to know refer AWS Region documentation.

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